Lana Del Rey On SNL – And 5 Other Uncanny Musical Parodies

You all remember that rather disastrous Saturday Night Live appearance from Lana Del Rey a few weeks ago, right? When she looked like, well, to use the words of Juliette Lewis, “a 12 year-old in their bedroom when they’re pretending to sing and perform”?

Well, it ticked a lot of people off, but SNL stood by its gal with a pretty hilarious spoof last week. In case you missed it, watch Kristen Wiig’s spot-on LDR impression below:

So this got us thinking about some of the other great musical parodies out there. Here are my top five (in addition to the LDR vid above).

5. ‘Peacock’ Remake
From the same team behind ‘California Gays’, here’s an equally over-the-top rendition of a Katy Perry tune. I’m not sure if it’s the flashy colours, the feathery makeup or the absurd bird-like head bobbing, but I can’t stop watching it.

4. The Key of Awesome! – Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’
It takes a lot of guts to mock Gaga these days, but this comedy team highlighted just how horrendous that video was in their parody of ‘Telephone’. Three nuns in a tub with a garden gnome? OK that seems a bit much – but at this rate, I wouldn’t put it past Gaga to stick that in her next video.

3. Justin Timberlake Dances To ‘Single Ladies’
If you haven’t already seen this, then I’ll just assume that you hate to laugh. Because very few things will crack you up more than this leotard-clad JT prancing around in heels to the most ridiculous dance since the ‘Macarena’.

2. Katy Perry Plays Florence Welch:
Considering I didn’t see this episode of SNL, I’m not too sure if I’m missing something here. But from the looks of it, KP’s promoting some spoof film or show or album or something called ‘The Dog Trial Is Over’ (to the tune of ‘Dog Days Are Over’, of course). Even if Ms. Perry’s songs are a bit too sugary sweet for my liking, she (quite surprisingly) makes a good Florence. (Plus, there’s a pug in the background dressed as a cop. And I love pugs.)

1. Alanis Morissette Sings ‘My Humps’
April Fool’s Day 2007 – the day one of the greatest jokes was ever given to the world wide web. The same angry pissed off chick who once sang ‘You Oughta Know’ covered The Black Eyed Peas. And it was a beautiful thing.

So, what are your favourite musical parody videos?