Lana Del Rey, Prince, Fair Ohs – This Week’s Singles Reviewed

NME’s Tim Chester gives us the low down on this week’s single releases…


Lana Del Rey – ‘Born To die’


LDR’s ascent towards her predetermined throne at the high court of all music ever continues apace with her almost-as-good follow-up to ‘Video Games’. While its lyrical themes may come as no surprise to anyone except Peter Pan or the immortal, its sultry delivery is captivating enough to redeem, and besides, most of the eight million YouTubers were probably just watching her make out with tattoo boy anyway.

Prince – ‘Dance 4 Me’


Packaged in an achingly retro cover, a neon rendering of that bizarre place known as The Future as imagined from the early ’90s, it’s like The Artist Formerly Known As Squiggle is daring us to compare this to the music of his heyday. It’s the sort of confidence that pays off. The man hails his “funky congregation” and we can concentrate on shape-tossing to five minutes of unmistakable Prince.


Django Django – ‘Default’
Every so often a band such as this drops by as some kind of compensation for the fact that Clor no longer exist in a world where The Wombats do. Django Django offer an alternative oasis in an arid no-man’s-land of identikit indie. If this is their default setting, lord knows how it sounds when they’re going out on a limb.

Fair Ohs – ‘Salt Flats’
More semi-dischordant cacophony from London’s Fair Ohs, who get continually branded ‘tropical’ (presumably by people whose only assocation with the tropics is an Um Bongo in their lunchbox once a week as a treat) and tarred with the Abe Vigoda brush. The worldly pop on offer here is infinitely more tuneful (and enjoyable) than those Smell kids, as close in DNA to LA’s Fools Gold as AV, and all the better for it.

Dead Skeletons – ‘Om Mani Peme Hung’


You’re more likely to find a full set of ribs in the Purple One than a bad band in Iceland – there just aren’t any. On the whole, and especially when it comes to the instrumental stuff, they lead the charge. So to the big boys as well as Múm, Hjaltalín, and For A Minor Reflection we can add Dead Skeletons, moody noiseniks whose Suicidal drone was custom-made
for this season of gloom.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – ‘Anna’
On which Charlotte Gainsbourg decides to rock the fuck out. Of course, everything is relative, and her version of twin-necked guitars and a 360-degree rollercoaster drumkit is turning the amps up to six, breaking out of her trademark whisper a couple of times, and letting the drummer tap that snare really hard.

This article originally appeared in the January 21st issue of NME

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