Lana Del Rey’s New Single ‘High By The Beach’ Is The Slow-Burning Sound Of Late Summer

She might have turned 30 earlier this year, but Lana Del Rey’s new single suggests she’s got the habits of a particularly laidback teenager. An organ drones, waves lap against the sand and seagulls squawk, before Lana sighs and makes like she’s the lost member of Odd Future, laconically proclaiming: “All I wanna do is get high by the beach”. The latest cut from Lana’s forthcoming new album, ‘Honeymoon’ – rumoured for release in September – pushes forward her trademark downbeat blues by adding some wonky trap beats into its sensual stoner-jam stylings, like Drake in a dress. Densely produced, her vocals are doubled and then doubled again, so it sounds like there’s a gang of four lispy Lanas serenading the listener, siren-like, and enticing them to a watery grave – or, at the very least, a crafty spliff on the sand.

Still infatuated with bad boys, ‘High By The Beach’ sees the New Yorker dishing out disses to the object of her skewed affections, lobbing languid insults such as “you could be a bad motherfucker – that don’t make you a man” in his general direction, as well as casually attempting to dump the unlucky lad along the way. “Now you’re just another one of my problems”, she goes, calling him out on his bullshit before slinking into an airy middle eight.

Despite Lana previously saying her next album was going to be less “heavy and autobiographical” than 2012’s ‘Born To Die’ and 2014’s ‘Ultraviolence’, this new track suggests it’ll be as close to home as ever.