Larry David And Bernie Sanders Did Impressions Of Each Other On ‘SNL’ – Watch

Wobbly fists in the air, railing against opponents funded by “millionaires and billionaires” and pleading instead for the American public to vote for him, “a guy with one pair of clean underpants that he dries on a radiator”, Larry David’s first impression of Democratic leadership candidate Bernie Sanders on SNL last October was a meta mindfuck. Besides the obvious physical similarity between the two (Sanders is essentially a real-life version of David’s character in Curb Your Enthusiasm but with more of a social conscience), now here was David being Bernie, as if his entire life had been one long Sanders spoof. They were like the Jedward of political satire, and suddenly there was a real possibility of Larry David accidentally becoming President.

After David’s second appearance as Sanders in November was such a success, pleading with viewers to donate him the grotty pennies they dig out of their vacuum cleaner bags, there was only one place this comedy locomotive could terminate – the joint appearance. So on Saturday’s SNL, after David had twisted the joke another notch by recreating his bewildered, selfish, sociopathic Curb Your Enthusiasm persona to spoof Bernie on the campaign trail in a skit called Bern Your Enthusiasm, the pair finally joined forces during a sketch based on the Titanic. Then Sanders got his own back with a David impression of his own. Check them both out below.