‘Last Night I Dreamt I Saw Fugazi’ – Free The Cut Ups MP3

Under the established consensus that the UK’s finest punk rock label Household Name Records rules, one new album you must get your grubby mits on is HHN’s most recent release – The Cut Ups’ ‘The High and Mighty’.

Take The Replacements’ ‘Tim’-era energy (if you don’t know what I mean, do your homework), Bouncing Souls’ balls-out punk rock and chuck them in with Billy Bragg’s romanticised Great British boot-and-trouser sound. You’re nearly there… just click to the bottom of the page for a free MP3 of theirs to prove just how vital they are.

Based in Devon (where singer/guitarist Jon Shoes gushingly admits the soundtrack of his childhood as being the din of cars raring down the M5), small-town UK punk rock couldn’t get much more fulfilling. That’s the thing that makes The Cut Ups so bloody ace – their heart-warming fulfilment of love for things that are taken for granted on a daily basis; DIY punk shows, art and culture.

It’s the mature, thoughtful and honest aura that blankets these 20-something dudes with charm, and their simplistic no-frills approach and positive spirits consistently confirm this throughout ‘The High and Mighty’. Rarely straying from their relaxed yet hammering message of free spirit and collaboration over competition, The Cut Ups are to be understood for their urgency of pulling you away from your computer screen and getting you involved in DIY punk rock.

Sofa sores? Go home. High-fives? Hella yeah.

While their spiritual home may evidently be the mate-run Exeter Cavern club, I have absolutely no doubt that they can find a place in your heart to accommodate. Below is a photo from their sweaty set at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes last weekend.

[Photo by Rachel Bird]

But you know what the best thing about this band is? Because they are from our tiny little island and are usually playing pubs and clubs, you can get into most of their shows for about £5… the modest price of a KFC Boneless Banquet.

Now I know succulent Kentucky Fried Chicken with numerous side-orders is pretty damn awesome, but a night with The Cut Ups will overcome any other hunger than the kind that itself permits a stuffing for. Please can I have some more, sir?

Download The Cut Ups‘ ‘Last Night I Dreamt I Saw Fugazi’ here