Laurent Garnier – Gnanmankoudji (Original Afro Mix Edit) – Free MP3

In the second of my blog-as-advert-for-night-out posts this week, I want to draw your attention to Laurent Garnier’s double show at Matter tomorrow night as part of his ‘Tales Of A Kleptomaniac’ tour.

Laurent Garnier

His only UK appearances until August’s Beachdown and Get Loaded festivals see the French DJ pioneer play two sets: one early evening outing with a six-piece horn-heavy band and a second appearance behind the decks toute seul before the likes of Francois K and Notting Hill patron saint and king of the Good Times Norman Jay. Something for the whole family then, but why should you care?

Garnier’s main claim to fame is singlehandedly introducing Detroit techno to the Hacienda, which went on to heavily inform the whole Madchester scene. So if you’re voting for the likes of The Stone Roses or Happy Mondays in our Ultimate Manchester Anthems poll, you’ve got this guy to thank. In recent years he was more likely to be seen at Ministry or the now-defunct The End while chucking out album after album of acid jazz/ambient/dub/techno/tribal/whatever his curious mind wanted to appropriate next.

So burn this track, head over to Laurent Garnier’s MySpace for more, buy a copy of ‘Tales Of A Kleptomaniac’ (as well as his recent ‘Retrospective’) and get tickets to the album launch party here. This (quite old) Pitchfork feature on techno puts him in context too.

Download the Afro mix edit of Laurent Garnier‘s Gnanmankoudji here
(Right click and chose ‘save as’ if necessary)
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