Lee Spielman’s Punk And Metal Round-Up

Trash Talk’s Lee Spielman is a regular guest columnist for NME’s Radar setion. This is his guide to the best punk and metal bands currently setting the underground alight

Since I last spoke to you we’ve been busy chilling hard and getting it together for our new record. We’ve been writing songs like madmen and our plan is to just record everything then figure out what the hell to do with it all. I’ve been listening to a lot of new bands too, and I’ve got lots to tell you.

My top pick this time is Deaf Heaven. They’re a black metal band from San Francisco who only started a few months ago but people are already taking notice of them. I saw them in Santa Cruz when they played to about 20 people but scared the shit out of all of them! You need to check out ‘Libertine Dissolves’, from their new LP ‘Roads To Judah’. Why? Because it sounds pretty and evil at the same time.


Also from San Francisco we have Skin Like Iron. They just put out a record on Six Feet Under Records titled ‘Descent Into Light’. It’s thrashy but with a darker side to it, and I’d say the song to check out by them would be ‘Survival’.

I saw this next band in San Francisco a few months back, and they floored me. They’re called Mother Of Mercy, and I’d go as far as to say they are your new soundtrack to headbanging. The track to hear ahead of all others would be ‘Forever Night, Forever Mourning’.

Backtrack have this old-school, New York hardcore thing going on. I’ve only seen them once, but they’re killing it right now. Their track ‘Roots Of Evil’ makes me want to dive off everything, throw a speaker… You know the feeling!

Finally, there’s a band called Downpresser who ride a fine line between metal and hardcore but they do it very well. They just released a new record on Triple B Records called ‘Age Of Ignorance’. It’s metallic hardcore but more hardcore than metal (none of that hair metal weird shit). It’s music to smash things up to. I’d also seek out ‘Underneath’.

Oh, one more thing about them – they might be one of the only bands that keeps up with Trash Talk when it comes to smoking weed! Ha!

Lee’s Top 5


Deaf HeaveN ‘Libertine Dissolves’
Skin Like Iron ‘Survival’
Mother Of Mercy ‘Forever Night, Forever Mourning’
Backtrack ‘Roots Of Evil’
Downpresser ‘Age Of Ignorance’


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