Lee Spielman’s Punk And Metal Round-Up

Trash Talk’s Lee Spielman is a regular guest columnist for NME’s Radar setion. This is his guide to the best punk and metal bands currently setting the underground alight

So, the first band I’ve got are Joyce Manor. They put out an LP a few months ago called ‘Beach Community’ that’s completely awesome. They’ve kind of got a Jawbreaker/Weezer/Against Me/Hot Water Music type vibe – pop-punkish, but not so much. Their shows in LA have been amazing; people are freaking out. Check out the track ‘Constant Headache’.

Then there’s The Sauce, which is a band our drummer Sam started up when we were in England over the summer. They recorded a four-song demo in Reading with some dudes from The Shitty Limits and Fucked Up and stuff – listen to ‘Hardcase’.


Polar Bear Club are a band from Rochester, New York; they’ve got a punk-based, Hot Water Music vibe too. We just got back from Australia and they were on the tour with us – they just killed it every day and they were great. Their shows are absolutely awesome. They put a record out called ‘Chasing Hamburg’ a while ago on Bridge Nine Records.

I’d also like to talk about a band called Acid Tiger, who are made up of loads of members from all kinds of different bands. They’re a punk rock’n’roll type group with a bunch of influences ’cos all those dudes are from so many different disparate bands. They put out a new, self-titled record a few months back in Chicago when we were there, and it’s completely insane.

And then one more I’m listening to at the moment would be Minority Unit, who hail from Los Angeles. They’re more straight-edge hardcore, and they’ve got a six-song demo out just now. It’s just a bunch of friends; there are like 11 of them, and they just throw the mic at each other and stuff. Their shows are unbelievably crazy. It’s just these 11 backstreet kids in LA – such a bonkers kind of band. They’ve got this
demo tape out – have a listen to a song called ‘Times’.

Lee’s Top 5

Joyce Manor – ‘Constant Headache’
The Sauce – ‘Hardcase’
Polar Bear Club – ‘Living Saints’
Acid Tiger – ‘Feel It’
Minority Unit – ‘Times’

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This article originally appeared in the April 16th issue of NME

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