Lee Spielman’s Punk/Metal Round-Up

Braving the moshpit with Trash Talk’s Lee Spielman

Yo, what’s up? I just got home after, like, 85 dates touring, and now everybody’s catching up on life again. It’s weird – you travel 500 miles a day and then you come home and stay in the same place. We’ve got about a month and a half off now, and then we fly to the UK on July 25 and stay there all August for festivals and shit.

Anyway, I’m really into this band Never Healed – they’re a band from Oakland, the same kind of area as us. I’d say they’re for fans of Black Flag, but it’s with the most disgusting vocals I’ve ever heard over it. It’s like borderline black metal vocals over mid-tempo ’80s hardcore. Then, there’s Nails from Los Angeles – they just put out a new LP, ‘Unsilent Death’, and they’re so heavy for a three-piece.


Moving on, there’s a band from San Francisco called Grace Alley. For fans of The Bronx, I’d say. You can definitely tap your foot to it… but that band just don’t give a fuck! The last time I saw them the bass player went insane – he ended up headbutting the cymbal and gushing blood over everybody. They have a new seven-inch called ‘Gloom River’.

There’s also this band Millenial Reign, which is Damian from Fucked Up’s new project. It’s their Integrity-worshipping band – they even named themselves after an Integrity song. Damian sings and two guys from No Warning play in them. They have a new record out called ‘Bone Death Nothing’. The track ‘Luminous Veil’ is the standout I’d say.

The last band I’m gonna talk about is a UK band called Throats who I’ve been banging on about for a while now. They’ve now got a really great record that’s just come out on Holy Roar records and it’s gnarly. It’s all-out aggressive shit. If you like Napalm Death you’re going to shit yourself.