It’s that time of week: here’s the NME crossword!

Got plans for the weekend? Well cancel them! As here's all the entertainment you need: the legendary NME crossword. Sharpen your pencil, pop the kettle on and let's see how many of crossword extraordinaire Trevor Hungerford's clues you can solve.

Here are the answers to last week’s crossword. How many did you get?


1 Love Her Madly, 8 Sadboy, 9+7D Planet Of Sound, 10 Good Enough, 11 Don’t, 14 Ode, 15 Roam, 16 Coast, 20 Sheila, 21 Enigma, 23+3D John Lee Hooker, 25 Grin, 28 All Mirrors, 31+19A Glam Slam, 32 Eyes, 33 Misty, 34 Ex:El.


1 Lost Girls, 2 Video Games, 4 Me Plus One, 5 Death, 6 Yield, 12 Ooh La, 13 Team, 17 Slide, 19 Smog, 22 Animal, 23 James, 24 Lions, 26 Relax, 27+18D Kate Nash, 29 Ram, 30 Sky.