The End Is Nigh: Check Out Lena Dunham’s Pics From The Final Series Of ‘Girls’

The final series of the essential, relatable comedy that is Girls won’t be on our screens until sometime next year, but writer, director and star Lena Dunham has been giving little hints into what to expect and behind-the-scenes action via her Instagram page. From teasers of potential plotlines to guest stars and photos of Lena hanging out with the crew who’ve worked with her over the past five years, her snaps are a little insight into a world that soon won’t exist any more.

What’s Matthew Rhys doing on set?

The Americans actor will feature in the Girls‘ sixth series, but there’s no information as yet about the role he’ll play. Here, he and Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath are deep in conversation beneath a very fancy light fixture.

Wanna know what Matthew Rhys & Hannah are up to? You better tune into @girlshbo season 6 in 2017…

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Leaving New York

In past episodes, the Girls crew have ventured out of the city, like when the four central women headed to the Hamptons for a weekend away or last series when Shoshanna Shapiro moved to Japan. According to these pics, the gang will be going upstate to Montauk, specifically visiting a bar called Memory Motel. Fun fact: the bar was made famous by The Rolling Stones via their 1976 song of the same name.

Warmest Montauk welcome #endofGIRLS #thatsurflife

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Is Hannah moving?

Here’s Hannah, things packed in boxes, two giant lamps in her hands. There’s no clues whether she’s moving apartment or leaving New York altogether (again), but check out Dunham’s caption. If that isn’t a classic Hannah sentence, I don’t know what is.

Post-It riddles

We’ve quite literally no idea what these words relate to – cloying bar/restaurant names? Cloying pet names for whoever Hannah is dating in series six? But colour us intrigued.

Coming soon on @girlshbo (exceptional phrasing/calligraphy by @tulipbone)

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The cast are finishing up

Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna) and Jemima Kirke (Jessa) have already shot their last scenes, as commemorated in Dunham’s Polaroid series, as have the children who play Sample aka Caroline (Gaby Hoffman) and Laird’s (Jon Glaser) child.