Leona Lewis’ Oasis Cover – Triumph Or Travesty?

If you’ve heard Leona Lewis’ cover of Snow Patrol’s ‘Run’, you can already guess what her cover of Oasis’ ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ sounds like: quiet and silky-voiced to begin with, ultimately building to an immense, orchestra-backed climax complete with gospel choir and Whitney Houston-grade, multi-octave bellowing.

It’s tailor-made for a moment on The X Factor where a winning contestant starts crying and a glitter-cannon goes off, and Louis Walsh goes all damp-eyed and wobbly-lipped. It’s also unbelievably formulaic, and will almost certainly be a titanic international hit.

But what do you think? Has Lewis ruined Oasis’ song, or redeemed it? Is it just too overblown to be enjoyable? Or do you find yourself guiltily swept along by the sheer, manipulative emotion of it?