Let’s All Remember That Time Michael Bublé Was In The X Files

Long before he was having a croon-off with Rod Stewart or delighting your mum at Christmastime with a gooey festive special around the log fire, Michael Bublé was a struggling actor in Hollywood – and, judging by this ill-fated cameo in an episode of The X-Files, it’s probably something that the 40-year-old would rather everyone forgot. But, as the show’s tag line states, the truth is out there, and the internet will do its darnedest to dig said truth up and proudly display it to the rest of the world.

Bublé was an extra on the season three episode ‘Piper Maru’, which aired in February 1996 to a staggering audience of 16.44 million in the US. The singer played the part of a concerned-looking WW2 submarine crew member who gets trapped on board the vessel when a mysterious illness strikes, which causes the eyes to fill up with black oil. Grim.

Bublé reminded the world of this acting stint during a recent interview with TV Line, where he also revealed that he was unceremoniously fired from the job after snacking on food that was intended for the principal cast members. “I swear to god, I was starving and I grabbed a hot dog off the craft services table. And this woman said I would never work again in Hollywood. I would be blacklisted and I would never, ever work in the business!”

The X-Files has just returned to US television after a 14-year absence – but will they be asking Bublé back as a guest star? Take a look at his short, line-free cameo below.