The 2016 Brit Awards, According To Liam Gallagher

The reviews are in. The general consensus of the Brits 2016: Lorde’s Bowie tribute slayed Gaga’s and some of the results were a bit predictable. Ah, but one cultural titan has his own incisive comment to broadcast to the world. The kraken awakens. Liam Gallagher logs in to twitter, flexes his fingers and decimates the whole shaboodle with four savage missives.

First he started limbering up


And then struck a killer blow when Jack Garratt appeared onscreen

Which was enough to make him conclude:

And then Liam felt reflective


Before normal service was resumed

What does this tell us? The Brits were a bit beige? Well, we knew that already. Perhaps we learned that Liam has a bit too much time on his hands, but the main take-home point here is that the man is one of the great cultural commentators of our times.

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