Liam Gallagher and Bonehead had the best Twitter bants this weekend

LG loves a good trolling.

We’ve all been there: it’s Saturday night, you’re probably getting ready to hit town. You’ve had a few tins at home and you’re killing some time on your phone. Your sloppy judgment decides that it’d be a good idea to troll your best pal on social media, just a light-hearted ribbing between two friends – where’s the harm? The only difference is that you’re Liam Gallagher and you have 1.38 million Twitter followers baring witness to and retweeting the entire conversation.

This past weekend saw Liam G and fellow Oasis alumni Bonehead taking Twitter “bants” to the next level, starting with Gallagher claiming that the Britpop guitarist wears “women’s underwear” while “listening to old Roger Whittaker outtakes”. Low blow, Liam. Who doesn’t love a bit of ‘Durham Town’?


It’s safe to say that Bonehead wasn’t too pleased with his ~alleged~ secret being revealed:

But then it turned out Liam wasn’t ribbing at all, he just wanted to liberate and empower his pal:

Bonehead wasn’t having any of it though. “Go away, I’m washing my hair,” replied the long-time sufferer of male pattern baldness.


But then Liam went on the offence again:

At least we know they’re hanging out this week though. Oasis reunion rehearsals, perhaps?

And then Bonehead destroyed Liam in one fell tweet:

Most fans lapped up the exchange:

Although some were more concerned by the revelation that spelling and grammar isn’t Liam’s strong point: