Liam Gallagher Is Having A Lovely Time In Belize

Still fresh from a seven month break from social media, music’s most angry man/well-known bee-supporter/self-described national treasure Liam Gallagher is continuing his assault on the modern world by Tweeting obscenities while on holiday in Belize.

This is good news for everybody apart from Noel and anybody who likes Noel or talks to Noel, seemingly – including journalist Julie Burchill, who interviewed the elder Gallagher for the Sunday Times recently. Her piece errs away from asking Noel about his relationship with Liam, she explains, because it “would have seemed like mocking the afflicted”.

Here then, is the afflicted responding to being mocked:

Liam’s other topics of conversation currently include all creatures great and small:

…not to mention Belize itself (and the power of the pun – Oasis, Victor Meldrew, Beatles we see you!!!):

There’s also admission that, much like the rest of planet earth, he’s come across hot new gunslinger Drake:

Thank you, Liam Gallagher for making Twitter a funnier place – long may you holiday in hatred.

Meanwhile, Noel’s been waxing lyrical about meeting David Bowie on his Instagram: