Check out Liam Gallagher’s happy holiday snaps

The big man's been off on his jollies and is having a wonderful time

If anyone deserves a bloody lovely holiday, it’s Liam Gallagher. NME’s 2018 Godlike Genius has started off the New Year in style, with a delightful hols somewhere hot and beautiful. After finishing up his last run of tour dates in Indonesia, he’s kicked back and taken to Instagram to offer fans a window into exactly what it’s like to vacation with the world’s best rock’n’roll star. Spoiler alert; it involves quite a bit of booze. And some random veg.

Liam began his holiday in classic british style, with a hanky on his head and getting “proper wankered” – his words not ours. Liam, much like you or I would, seems to be highly chuffed to have put work on the backburner for a few days and instead focus on the finer things in life, like getting pissed in the sunshiiinnne. He is positively radiant. Here we can see the benefits of a little bit of time off truly taking place.

Day 2: proper wankered LG x

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By day four, we can see Liam is in peak relaxation mode. The stubble has grown and an almost feral nature has taken him over. He sports a chili in between his teeth, a sign he has communing with the natural world and embraced a raw food diet. Either that or he’s just still totally wankered.

Liam’s also had the chance to enjoy a bit of nightlife on his holidays. Here he hits up a bar – who cares if he’s the only one there! He’s got his funky sunglasses and holiday bandana on and he’s ready to party!

No holiday is complete without a little outdoors adventure. Liam has eschewed the rather more dangerous likes of bungee jumping and white water rafting however in favour of a brisk bicycle ride around his resort. The look of sheer, carefree joy on his face as he pedals around is enough to make grown men weep.

Happy holidays, Liam!