Liam Gallagher’s ‘For What It’s Worth’ is a sing-along, Oasis-like ballad – and pretty damn awesome

The latest single from his solo album 'As You Were' is out now

Put simply, the world is a better place for having Liam Gallagher back in it. His gigs this year have been legendary, heralding the return of the kind of rock’n’roll star we haven’t seen in the past 20 years at least; a filterless, rowdy, say-what-you-see swaggerer with reams of incendiary archive material and an album’s worth of tunes which, from what we’ve heard so far, aren’t too shabby at all. Next on the Liam Gallagher hit list – following ‘Wall of Glass’ and ‘Chinatown’, and ahead of the October 6 release date for his first official solo album – is ‘For What It’s Worth’. Not as you might think a cover of Buffalo Springfield’s 1967 protest-folk classic, but rather a Oasis-esque flashback banger that’s part ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, part ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ and full Beatles-y sing-along.

Much as been made about the fact that the ‘As You Were’ album hasn’t been penned by just Liam, but rather a collaboration between him and a crack team of high-flying songwriters and producers, and so far, it seems to have been a clever move. Even in the Oasis days Liam wasn’t the songwriter, he was the brash, ballsy frontman, the one who belted out the tunes with conviction and chaos, not the one who wrote them.


‘For What It’s Worth’ isn’t a clever song, but it doesn’t need to be – what it needs to be is catchy enough to be belted out in festival fields across the country while Liam stands up tall behind the mic, belting out the chorus into the mic while the whole damn field sings back to him. See you at Reading and Leeds, Liam, and roll on October.

Liam’s album tracklist is as follows:

1. ‘Wall Of Glass’
2. ‘Bold’
3. ‘Greedy Soul’
4. ‘Paper Crown’
5. ‘For What It’s Worth’
6. ‘When I’m In Need’
7. ‘You Better Run’
8. ‘I Get By’
9. ‘Chinatown’
10. ‘Come Back To Me’
11. ‘Universal Gleam’
12. ‘I’ve All I Need’

Gallagher also performed new song ‘Eh La’ at a recent live show in New York – however, it doesn’t feature on the aforementioned tracklist.