Lightspeed Champion – In The Studio

Last month it was reported that Lightspeed Champion possesses special musical powers that allows him to “see” the music he writes.

Now, it’s good to see the furry-hat wearing folk man putting his synesthetic musical abilities to good use on his next album as we get a sneak peek of such talents firsthand in the studio.

Here you see Dev Hynes enjoying many instruments as he will on the follow-up to ‘Falling Off the Lavender Bridge‘ when he plays every instrument on all three b-sides himself.

The songwriter even sings a cover of Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘69 Année Erotique‘ completely in French – now that’s impressive multi-tasking.

Marlene‘ is the first single to be taken from his yet-to-be-titled second album and will be released on January 25 2010.