Lil Uzi Vert’s ballsy stage diving has spawned the best meme

Lil Uzi jumps off stuff. Internet goes wild.

We’re all used to artists jumping into the crowd at shows every now and again. It’s nothing new, but it is a great way to bridge the gap a little between musician and audience. Who doesn’t want their favourite band, rapper or singer potentially giving them a hefty boot to the face as they fly over your head?

Lil Uzi Vert might just have achieved the stage dive to end all stage dives, though. At Rolling Loud festival in Miami this weekend, the Philadelphia rapper took a leap that would have even some of the most hardened stage divers having a second think. Up on a stage that was twenty feet above the crowd, Lil Uzi put all his faith in those beneath him and threw himself over the edge. Somehow, he managed to make it look like the coolest thing ever, as if he wasn’t even the slightest bit scared and came out winning. Hero.


Of course, the internet being the internet, his skills have now been turned into a meme that’s spreading furiously online. And why not? In 2017, surely the only correct way to recognise anyone’s achievements is in viral form.

Lil Wrestling Uzi

Instead of jumping into a crowd of adoring fans, here he’s making that killer move in a WWE match and making sure his opponent is well and truly out of the contest. Ding ding, round one to Uzi.

Lil Swinging Uzi

Remember when you were a kid and you’d try and jump as far as you could off the swings? Uzi is the king of that thanks to this new meme and he looks way cooler doing it than any of us ever did.

Lil Bodyslamming Uzi

We would not like to be the very lifeless man about to feel the full force of Uzi’s body weight on him. If that wasn’t enough, he’s gotta contend with a braying crowd in the background too. Poor guy.

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Lil Sliding Uzi

Let’s face it, if anyone managed to slide into your DMs quite as effortlessly and impressively as Uzi dove into the crowd in Miami, you’d be way more likely to give them the time of day.

Lil Committed Uzi

Dig this one out for when you’re trying to play it cool, but just can’t help declaring your undying love for your crush after your first date/conversation/accidental eye contact. We’ve all been there.