See Linkin Park At Work In The Studio In New Teaser Clip

Some bands like to be ultra-teases when it comes to letting fans know what they’re up to in the studio (we’re looking at you Radiohead. Others, like Linkin Park, are a bit more forthright about what exactly is happening.

In a new clip uploaded to YouTube, the band have given fans a very intimate insight into their work in the studio as they record their upcoming seventh album.

In the clip, which you can see above, the band’s guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and all-round creative locomotive Mike Shinoda is seen discussing the sound of new music with two figures in the studio. “As we go you’re gonna start to hear them have a lot of layers, like maybe too many” he says to them, adding “let me know if you wanna get into that into the muting and un-muting and all that shit – but I think it’s going to be really fun.”

The chatter isn’t exactly thrilling, we’ll admit, but could they be reaching the mixing sessions? Earlier this year Shinoda suggested that a new album could be coming later this year and that they’ve got a mountain of music recorded for the album.

They’ve been pretty coy about the album so far – but this clip could mean that a new Linkin Park album is closer than we previously thought.