Linkin Park’s ‘One More Light’ – the best and worst fan reviews of the nu-metallers’ pop transformation

'There's 35 minutes of my life I'm never getting back'

This morning nu-metal dudes Linkin Park put out their seventh album, and it’s unlike any they’ve made before. ‘One More Light’ is a move into pop that will surprise hardened fans, but as they wrote on Facebook today, “To us, listening is an act of generosity”. Fans have been listening in their droves and leaving reactions all over the internet. But do they like the new sound? Let’s find out…

When we sit in a room together, writing a song, the rest of the world often disappears. We’ll do whatever it takes in…

Posted by Linkin Park on Thursday, May 18, 2017

A particularly disappointed LP fan, Dave, commented on Facebook: “There’s 35 minutes of my life I’m never getting back… I still love LP, but this is total trash. I wanted to give it a chance, but sorry you crapped out a 10 track pile of nothing. Don’t do it again.” 


On the same note, Rob said he ‘’couldn’t get through any song’’, and that ‘’they all sound the same’’, namely, ‘’shitty pop music’’.

Alexander writes ‘’You disappointed me for the last time LP. The whole thing is just massive snore fest. Slow, boring pop’’.

Maybe haters are being too harsh and the album isn’t so bad, as long as you forget whose it is?


It’s not all bad though. A lot of fans are loving LP’s new pop sounds, putting up a strong line of defense against the album’s critics. Tina writes it’s ‘’something different, but so pure and 100% you!’’ and Will says that it ‘’will definitely take more time getting used to compared to previous albums, but you guys never fail to deliver’’.

On Facebook Dana called it “A beautiful, very meaningful music masterpiece’’ and Kelley says : “Guys. This is stunning. Truly. I’ve been a fan for nearly 2 decades and it never ceases to amaze me your ability to make such incredible music. This album is beautiful, and without a doubt some of your best work’’.

Another user, adunkhan, comes to LP’s defense by noting: “I don’t know what’s wrong with most of the people on the internet. This album is absolutely an amazing one, way better than music than most of the trending music these days. It’s all about change and evolution of music. And that doesn’t mean Linkin Park cannot make what they have made before, it’s just that they follow change and innovation, these guys could’ve continued in their old style but the truth is that they’ve risked their career for the fans and the music heads to feed them something different than before every time they show up’’. Fair point.

Words: Anna-Lise Scalabre