Lisa Kudrow And Courteney Cox Took A ‘Friends’ Quiz (And Totally Bossed It)

Before there was #SquadGoals, there was Friends, the TV show which taught young adults of Generation X everything they needed to know about hanging around in cafes all day, extortionate city living, and going on a “break”.

The show wrapped up 12 years ago and though the cast have said there will be no reunion episode, which is seriously horrific news, they continue to play with our feelings by having mini-reunions. Like earlier this week, when Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox (Phoebe and Monica, of course) took a turn on the quiz show Cox produces, Celebrity Name Game.

Obviously, they bossed their Friends trivia.

Cox describes iconic Friends characters, moments and locations, as Lisa Kudrow guesses who or what she is referring to. When it comes to describing David Schwimmer, Cox says “Hi” in a really crestfallen voice and just shrugs her shoulders. Poor Ross.

As Gunther, Ugly Naked Guy and ‘Smelly Cat’ all got a shoutout, the internet got pretty excited about the whole thing.

R.I.P Friends: 1994-2004. Forever in our hearts. You will be missed. :'(