Listen to LUMP’s self-titled new album on Apple Music

Laura Marling and Tuung’s Mike Lindsay preview their “dreamy and cerebral” self-titled debut album as LUMP. Listen to the collaboration now on Apple Music.

The album, released on Dead Oceans on June 1, is the result of Marling and Lindsay meeting at a bowling alley at the O2 and starting to record together just two days later. Inspired by the Surrealist Manifesto, Ivor Cutler’s poetry, Father John Misty and Marling’s six-year-old goddaughter, the project promises to be one of the most fascinating and colourful of the year thanks to its yeti mascot they call LUMP.

“It felt like the product of mine and Mike’s working together was something beyond what either of us wanted to take credit for,” Laura told NME, “so we thought we’d just bring LUMP into it and let him take all the credit… My six-year-old goddaughter came up with the ‘concept’, I guess. I asked her what she would call a new band, and she said ‘Lump’ without even a moment’s breath… The yeti became a suitable analogy for the animal unconscious, the randomness – and the weird dancing, like you’ve never learned how to dance. It became a fitting thing to put everything on. He’ll continue his journey in the videos and keep getting weirder.”

The pair consider LUMP its own self-propelling project. “It will continue to create itself from here on, Lindsay and Marling will assist it as necessary,” says the accompanying promo, reflecting the ease of the process. “We didn’t discuss what we were doing very much,” Laura told NME. “That’s when it feels magic. I think we respected each other’s positions, in what our roles both were, so it was just easy. And it was really quick as well – my part only took about six days.”

“I had a couple of things that I was working on, without knowing what they were going to be,” Mike added. “I was a bit shocked when Laura said she was up for coming to try something out, literally within a couple of days of meeting. So I was like: ‘This is all I have’. Luckily that all gelled really well. But yeah, I had this idea of making some music where everything blended into each other. I didn’t know until Laura got involved that it was going to be magic.”

Lindsay has referred to the album as a “cyclical drone journey”. “‘Cyclical’ meaning: the whole album’s tied together with this flute, a resampled drone, and each track’s in the same key. So as one track finishes, the other track can then blend out of the previous track, and as the credits or the reverb of the credits roll out, it could start all over again with the drone, completing the cycle. And that is the journey! It’s quite a short record, so it’s good when it feels like you could start over again and it takes on a different sonic platform on second listen.”

“Setting a drone-y background,” Laura added, “I might be particularly susceptible to cults or things, because I get easily lulled into a slightly mindless space.”

LUMP will be performing a series of special shows including two small gigs in one night in London. “So that LUMP doesn’t get too overwhelmed,” Laura explained. “Of course, if it goes stratospherically well, then we will be doing stadiums. We’re not averse to that.” “I hope there’s a future of LUMP,” Mike said. “I guess we’ve gotta give him the right cuddles. Or her. See what the whispers are.” “See how he takes to touring,” said Laura. “Might not like it.”

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