Listen To A Playlist Of Kurt Cobain’s Favourite Bands

“Kurt Cobain’s music meant so much to so many people, it’s often forgotten that other people’s music meant just as much to him,” Mary Anne Hobbs tells NME in this week’s magazine, describing the Nirvana frontman as a “deeply passionate music fan.” His journals, released as hardback book in 2002, proved just this – included among his letters, scribbles, song ideas and doodles were High Fidelity style lists of his favourite albums and artists. Some come as no surprise: you didn’t need to see the list to know the raw, raucous guitar scrawl of bands like Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Bad Brains and the Sex Pistols influenced Kurt’s songwriting. Some on the other hand are brilliantly WTF: who had Cobain pegged as an Aerosmith fan? Either way, there’s plenty of great listening in the below playlist, showing off the grunge icon’s eclectic taste and allowing an intriguing glimpse into the music that shaped him.

For interviews with Cobain’s favourite acts, from Daniel Johnston to Pixies, pick up this week’s NME.

NB: The only band missing from this list is the Beatles, whose music isn’t on Spotify.