These Game of Thrones Fans Thought Author George RR Martin Had Died

When news was announced today of the death of Beatles producer Sir George Martin, who was nicknamed the ‘Fifth Beatle’, the internet reaction tended towards reflective tributes to the legend, who had been a lynchpin in the rise and continued success of the Beatles throughout their career. Martin worked with the band from their earliest days and was the man who gave them their first record deal in 1962. He recorded with the band, starting with ‘Love Me Do’, and continued with them until 1969’s ‘Abbey Road’. He was, by all accounts, a bit of a legend. This is him:

Some corners of Twitter, though, reacted with horror at the thought that George RR Martin, the author of the
Game Of Thrones novel series known as A Song Of Ice And Fire
, had passed away. This is George RR Martin.

The people who mixed up the two also reacted when they realised their mistake, mostly tweeting messages of the ‘thank god for that’ variety. Here are the worst offenders:

Let’s start with Rob, who doesn’t even like Game of Thrones, but still felt the need to comment negatively on someone’s death.

This is Dan, who made it all about him

Gordon is wrong. No marks for you, Gordon.

Carmen is wrong twice, because the series producers know how the books end anyway.

No one really knows what Matheus is trying to say.

Guy gets it.

Phil. RR. Keep up.

Mark had a ‘mini heart attack’

Dorean can read!

Is it bad? Yes Leon, it is bad.

Abhay makes strange threats

But at least Aaron’s got the right attitude