These People Are Getting Really Upset About The Possibility Of A Foo Fighters Split (Even Though It Hasn’t Happened Yet)

A sober Twitter post from Foo Fighters‘ official account late last night (March 1) hailed an “official band announcement” due tonight. “Stay tuned,” it read, with no hint of positive or negative implications. It could be any number of things, Sonic Highways 2 or new tour included – but fans are already worried about what it could mean for the group, whether split, hiatus, or worse.


Last time Dave Grohl and his merry men teased an announcement, in October, they gave it a month-long countdown clock, before revealing the St Cecilia EP. This time, the message is so straightforward it seems like the news could conceivably be bad. Here are a load of people getting upset about it, even though they don’t know what the news is yet…

At first you could see Twitter getting its magnifying glass out to get a closer look.

Then came some concerned responses, on the calmer end of the spectrum.


There were semi-desperate, lower-case pleadings.

Then there were people who needed to take a minute to calm down.

Some reactions were purely psychosomatic

Others vaguely threatening

Best of all, though, was Dube’s reaction

We’re rooting for you, Dube.

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