Look At These Smug People On The Internet With Their Radiohead Tickets

So that’s that then. The tickets for Radiohead’s world tour have sold out. The UK leg comprised just three dates – taking place at London’s Roundhouse from May 26-28 – and according to the internet, roughly 30% of the UK’s population was clamouring over them this morning, fighting the kind of epic battles with Ticketmaster last seen on the fields of Westeros.

Unsurprisingly, most of you missed out. The odds weren’t good. I mean, 9,000 tickets over three nights is hardly even the first few rows at Glasto. Some of you lucky, lucky people however had such a canny way with technology that they managed to land these Willy Wonka worthy golden tickets. And sure, they’re pretty chuffed. Here’s some tweets from the jammy people you’ll be cursing well into the weekend.

Laura’s happy! Her dogs are happy! But you dear reader who didn’t get tickets – you’re not happy, are you? Sorry about that.



Smashed it, indeed.

Another chuffed ticket purchaser.


Rub it in, why don’t you.


Some people didn’t care though. Not one little bit. Honest.

Seems like a good alternative. How much are tickets? And when can we join the immense online queue?

Take this moment to look on the bright side of not getting tickets.


See – it’s looking brighter and brighter with every second!