Did you spot all the easter eggs in Lorde’s new video?

From Paramore to the Replacements, there appear to be plenty of references

Five months on from the ‘Green Light’ video, Lorde has done it again, this time giving a visual accompaniment to her ‘Melodrama‘ album closer ‘Perfect Places’. As she shared the vid on Twitter, she revealed that there are “a couple cute easter eggs” in the vid, and wondered if fans could spot them. Let’s take a look at the video, and then the contenders…

1. Paramore’s lightbulb

Lots of fans have spotted similarities to Paramore‘s ‘Ignorance’ video, where Hayley Williams spends a lot of time singing with a lightbulb. Known Paramore fan Lorde does the same here – see them both below.




2. Lorde’s own lyrics

On ‘Sober II’, another song from ‘Melodrama’, Lorde sings about cleaning up the champagne glasses at a party everyone has left. Check her living that scene here:


3. Jane from Tarzan?

Lorde’s outfit choice here is reminding people of Jane from Tarzan, which she’s talked about having fond memories of on Twitter.


4. Beyoncé going full Lemonade


Thanks to Lorde’s yellow dress, others found the same scene reminded them of Beyoncé’s ‘Hold Up’ video.

5. Lana Del Rey shooting a helicopter

There’s a bit in the ‘Perfect Places’ video where Lorde shoots some coconuts down, which has drawn some comparisons to Lana Del Rey’s helicopter destruction in ‘High By The Beach’.



6. Replacements – ‘Swingin’ Party’?

In 2013 Lorde covered ‘Swingin’ Party’ by The Replacements. This song’s about too much partying, and she… swings in it. Bit tenuous, maybe, but fans are calling it a reference.

7. Paramore again

Lorde’s scene of near submersion looks quite like Paramore’s ‘Monster’ video. Only difference is she’s carrying an IDGAF tumbler of whiskey.



8. Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ video

Fans are also liking the similarities between Lorde’s delicate china tea-set and Lady Gaga’s in her ‘Paparazzi’ video.


9. That orange hard drive…

Some seem to think Lorde’s got her third album in a hard drive with her on the boat. It’s one of those orange ones you see everywhere.

What other easter eggs did you spot? Let us know in the comments.