Los Angeles Special #5 – The Otherworldly Ones (Free MP3s From Warpaint, Rainbow Arabia, Hecuba)

Preview the fifth EP here; download link at the end

The final part of our week-long forage around LA’s music scenes (following the subversives, the Smell bands, the psych rockers and the world folkers) sees us shine a light on the boundless imaginations of the city’s otherworldly types. Today’s bands specialise in a certain kind of bright, visual pop, a vaguely tribal and yet whimsical sound trademark to the carefree and carefully twisted state.

Rainbow Arabia

Rainbow Arabia (above) peddle a kind of world music, but do a more minimal, electronic and surreal take on it, a la Gang Gang Dance. The massively-hyped Warpaint, meanwhile, have been called everything from alt-country to post rock but underneath it all there’s a sense of the shamanistic, not least in their videos. And Hecuba have been bringing their digital take on Greek tragedies to Echo Park and around for several years now.


What is LA to you?
“A laughing train wreck with lots of space.”
What does LA sound like?
“Screaming minions in the sun.”
What are the top 5 LA bands right now and their best tracks?
Moonrats – ‘Sweet Thing’
Dot Hacker – ‘Eye Opener’

Andy Clockwise – ‘My Generation’


Hecuba – ‘Tom and Jerry’

Ornery Elves – ‘Drift Nets’

What, if anything, makes you distinctly LA?
“Just that we live there.”

Videos, live performances and interviews with Rainbow Arabia & Warpaint:

Download the LA EP5

PS, in the spirit of inclusivity, it’s worth a quick mention of LA’s Dirty Secrets, aka the cock rocking glam metallers and frat-boy funk rockers that populate Sunset and various beach towns. There’s no downloads but an LA round-up wouldn’t be complete without a nod towards Iglu & Hartley (pictured below jumping me at Ibiza Rocks) and Steel Panther.

Iglu And Hartley

They represent the city’s hair metal and Red Hot Chili Pepper stoopid rap hangovers respectively, and the latter weren’t too pleased with NME after we gave them 3/10 for their recent album ‘Feel The Steel’.

So, what did we miss? What does LA music mean to you? Which SoCal bands or musicians should we be profiling in future Daily Download posts?

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