Lost Albums – Suggest A Neglected Masterpiece

The new issue is devoted to great albums that have slipped through the cracks of rock history – the overlooked gems that don’t tend to feature in greatest ever-type polls, and deserve to be rescued from obscurity.

But it’s not just a bunch of music writers banging on about their record collections (though obviously that is part of it). We also asked musicians to select their own cult favourites.

Hence you’ll find Dave Grohl raving about Bad Brains, Win Butler shining a light on Atlas Strategic, and Nick Cave banging a drum for Rednex’s little-heard second album [Is this right? – Ed].

But how about you? Care to suggest any neglected records that you think deserve a wider audience? To make the thread more interesting for everyone, please give a reason for your choice, don’t just write the name of the album.

Hear NME’s lost albums as a Spotify playlist – compiled by Mark Harris

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