Lou Reed And Metallica Murder The Velvet Underground

So between all the “I am the table” jokes and the death threats Lou Reed’s been receiving for contaminating Metallica, it’s pretty clear that most of you aren’t all that keen on ‘Lulu’, that bizarre collab between Lou Reed and Metallica.

In case you missed it, they swung by Later with Jools Holland last night, where they performed album track ‘Iced Honey’.


But that’s not all. They also attempted to cover Lou’s 1968 track ‘White Light/White Heat’, which he originally performed with The Velvet Underground. This is what it’s supposed to sound like:

And this is the cacophonous mess that comes out when you throw Metallica into the mix:


Who knows, maybe ‘White Light/White Heat’ could, potentially, be turned into a good metal tune.

But this is just awful – which is a shame, since this is probably one of my favourite Velvet Underground songs. Weirdly, the performance actually wouldn’t sound all that bad if they took Lou Reed out of the picture.

In the original version, Lou’s semi-monotonous vocals totally worked over the fuzzy, clangy piano in the background. He could sound a bit off without it sounding weird or wrong. But over a heavy metal backing? He just doesn’t seem to be very into it in this performance, does he? And the timing is just completely off, not to mention that in those last 30 seconds or so, he just seems to be babbling like a crazy person (which, after seeing this, he very well might be).

Fair enough, Lou Reed, you wanted to try something new. But maybe let your Velvet Underground days rest in peace.

What do you lot think ot it?

Lou Reed & Metalica, ‘Lulu’ – First Listen