Lou Reed Playlist – Listen To His Finest Moments

On October 27, 2013 we learned that Lou Reed had died. It’s no surprise that he’s since been lionized by the vanguards of music: Morrissey, John Cale, The Strokes, The Who, Pixies, even the late David Bowie…His death felt like a profound loss to the cultural world, one of the most significant in my lifetime. Reed made order out of chaos and chaos out of order for millions over a 50-year career, creating transformative music with a sneering disregard for popular opinion or commercial success. “Whenever we hear sounds, we are changed,” said Stockhausen, and that’s especially true of the Velvet Underground lynchpin, solo contrarian, king of NY cool. In honour of the great man’s birthday (he would have been 74 today), here are some of the tracks we’ll be listening to in the NME office in remembrance of the great man.

Lou Reed 1942 – 2013: NME Obituary

“Goodbye, you magnificent bastard” – A Tribute To Lou Reed