Love And Marriage And Thee Fair-Ohs – Free MP3

It used to take Douglas Sirk hours to unravel the pain of a miserable marriage in his Technicolor melodramas, but on I’m A Woman I’m Your Wife north London trio Thee Fair-Ohs get there in 52 seconds flat.

Thee Fair-Ohs

It’s like Dolly’s D.I.V.O.R.C.E. remade as raging garage rock with all the unnecessary words (and verses and choruses) replaced with hardcore invective and gobs of sarcasm. It rules, and bassist Matt Flag is keen to give props to the song’s producer. “All of our songs so far have been recorded by the amazing Rory Attwell, nailing eight songs in about an hour, easy.

“Apart from the fact that he does a spiffing job on our tunes and for other awesome bands like Male Bonding, Graffiti Island and Cold Pumas, we used to be in a band together and he pretty much gave me the confidence to do whatever I wanted, regardless of the look of despair in the audiences eyes.”

The song conjures up different thoughts for guitarist Eddy Frankel. “Whenever I sing this live I picture Matt in a dress and Joe wearing French knickers. Hahahaha, they look stupid.”

You can download I’m A Woman I’m Your Wife for free below and head over to Pinglewood to find out about the band’s love of Chevy Chase, polar bears and Alexander O’Neal.

Download Thee Fair-Ohs’ I’m A Woman I’m Your Wife here

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