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Rarely do you hear of good music coming out of Sin City. Truly offensive covers bands – sure. 814 Celine Dion shows in a row – you got it. 16-piece lounge jazz ensembles rambling through ‘Margaritaville’ – 24/7.

But for bona fide, interesting, original projects it’s as dry as the Nevada desert. When they first heard ‘Mr Brightside’ the town must have shit itself. If they were paying attention, which they probably weren’t.

Love Like Fire’s Ann Yu hails from Vegas. She shared a rehearsal space with The Killers before abandoning the city for the more creative climbs of San Francisco where she met the rest of the band. Her parents forbade her to listen to anything except classical throughout a culturally cloistered childhood, unintentionally blessing her with a pent-up fire that bursts out all over LLF’s shimmering and urgent alt. pop.

Love Like Fire

It’s quite spectacular so download this now then get the album ‘Tear Ourselves Away’ when it comes out on August 24th.

Download Love Like Fire‘s Signs here
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