Love – The Indie-est Moments In The Returning Netflix Series

How did you spend your weekend? Well, if you’re anything like NME you’d have been hungover on the sofa binge watching Netflix’s ace comedy series Love, which is returning for a second series on March 10.

The work of producer Judd Apatow, the show is penned by co-star Paul Rust and former Girls writer Lesley Arfin. It follows the will-they-won’t-they exploits of wayward thirty-somethings Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Rust) against a semi-hipster-ish backdrop of LA, featuring a cast peppered with indie legends and cult comedians. Here are the most indie moments from series one.


E from Eels’ jam session
Gus turns up early at a party Mickey’s invited him to, which just so happens to be hosted by E from Eels – otherwise known as Mark Everett – who plays middle-aged muso, Brian. Gus spots his guitar collection and before you know it, they’re jamming out to Wings’ ‘Jet’.

Royal Trux’s party cameo
Fans of cult 1990s guitar sleaze will notice another familiar face at the party. In amongst the LA trendies (Gus accuses everyone at the party of looking like a grown up version of the cast of skater-slacker flick Kids) is Royal Trux frontwoman Jennifer Herrema, resplendent with her just-dragged-out-of-CBGB’s shaggy blonde hair. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment, so keep those peepers peeled.

Skateboarding legend Jason Dill shows up
Who isn’t at this party? Skateboarding icon Jason Dill is also working the room. Sat topless next to a tattoo gun, he offers Gus the chance to tattoo him. “It’s my way of connecting with people,” he explains. Sadly, Gus ballses up big time, by scrawling “sarcoma” next to a mole on his back.

There are Circle Jerks T-shirts
Brilliant American stand-up comic Kyle Kinane has a recurring role as Mickey’s cocaine fanboy ex. His character Eric offers a subtle shout-out to LA hardcore punk trailblazers Circle Jerks by sporting one of the band’s shirts early on in the series. Mickey later rocks a Beach Boys shirt. Not as niche, but just as cool.

FIDLAR are on the soundtrack
As well as LA punk past, there’s a nod to the LA punk present, as FIDLAR get a spot on the show soundtracking a druggy bender on the subway with ‘No Waves’ from their cheap beer-infused 2013 debut.


Bonus nod to Twin Peaks
Gus works as on set tutor in Love’s show-within-a-show, Wichita. And who’s that playing the mum on that supernatural show? It’s only Madchen Amick, who played waitress Shelly in Twin Peaks!

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