We had a lovely chat with Father John Misty at End of The Road – watch

The 'Pure Comedy' showman discussed plans for his next album, conspiracy theories and his love of Mac DeMarco

Over the weekend Father John Misty headlined his first ever festival, Dorset’s small, perfectly formed End of the Road. We’ve already sung the praises of the good father’s smashing Saturday set, but we also had a lovely chat with the man also known as Josh Tillman before he took to the stage which you can watch in full below.

Backstage before his gig – and sporting a delightful pair of Gucci slip-ons – Father John Misty spoke of many, many things, including the “heavy military presence” guarding him backstage, his plans to bring Kendrick Lamar out with him onstage for a special guest appearance and finishing up his next “spritely” 10-song album, which will be out next year and is definitely not a concept album. Some of these many not be entirely true.

As well expanding on his recent comments about how much he’s into the new LCD Soundsystem songs (“he ran a masterclass”), he also spoke of his love of Mac DeMarco (“he’s just a sweet guy. I love that new record. He’s great”) and how his band had – the previous evening – seen Mac crowdsurf from his own set to Pond’s across the site. When asked when he last crowd-surfed he explained he was more of a ‘wader’ than a ‘surfer’. “My crowd, I think, are more concerned, because I’m quite a bit older than Mac DeMarco, so they’re like ‘we better get grandpa back onstage – we don’t want him to get hurt’.”

On his fondness for the quirkier side of festivals he said: “I do like that about the English festivals – you look at the schedules and it’s like ‘come discuss mortality at the existential cafe’.” Sadly Father John Misty explained that he is sadly unable to roam the fields as “everybody thinks I’m James Bay, so they freak out.” Easy mistake to make.

Father John Misty tours the UK later this year. He plays:

November 1 – EDINBURGH Usher Hall

November 2 – GLASGOW O2 Academy Glasgow

November 4 – CARDIFF Great Hall, Cardiff University

November 5 – MANCHESTER O2 Apollo

November 7, 8 – LONDON Eventim Apollo

November 9 – BRIGHTON Dome