Low Cover Toto’s ‘Africa’, Charlie Sheen Teams Up With Snoop – Today’s Streams

The AV Club (The Onion’s music and arts wing) have been running an excellent series of band sessions recently. They’ve come up with a load of tracks, from Guitar Hero classic ‘Mother’ by Danzig to mammoth snare fest ‘She Drives Me Crazy’ via Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’ and stuff by The Clash and Otis Redding, for bands to come in and cover.

As guests pick and perform the tracks the list gets smaller and the later acts get less choice over what they do. This week, everyone’s favourite hungover-need-something-soothing band Low take on everyone’s favourite 2am-house-party-need-a-cheese-anthem band Toto. Of course it’s ‘Africa’.

Behold and marvel.


There’s more on the site, including Wye Oak’s take on this.

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen’s track with Snoop Dogg just hit the web. Not sure how much Sheen’s actually done on it though. It’s mostly just Snoop smoking, mixing gin and juice and checking his Twitter count. Still, if you’re a motherfucking winner put your hands in the air right now.