5 things you need to know about LUCIA – the anthemic Glaswegian indie-rockers with a penchant for pub grub

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Stomping, sweaty rock ‘n’ roll is LUCIA’S go-to – just look at ‘Cheap Talk’. The Glaswegian group’s latest release is four tracks of snarling indie, fit for mosh-pits and bar brawls in equal measure. As for the members of LUCIA themselves, though, there’s only one type of bar you’ll find them in – Wetherspoons.

As it turns out, LUCIA are quite the fans of the budget booze bars, with the four-piece insisting on stopping off at one in every city they play. It’s not the only absurdity that fuels their sound, either – borne from a long standing devotion to Lil Chris, the origins of LUCIA’S sound might surprise you.

Below, we get to know the fast-rising rockers, as we sit down with singer/guitarist Lucia and Fairfull drummer Ali Scott to chat all things LUCIA.

They tour in a ‘part-time potato wagon’

“Part-time band wagon, part-time tatty wagon”, as Ali puts it, before Lucia explains: “One day we went to pick it, and the reg plate had actually changed to ‘tatty’!”

They adore Wetherspoons

“When we’re on tour, we don’t like to eat anywhere other than Wetherspoons,” says Lucia. “When we get somewhere, we’ll immediately be like, ‘Right, map, Wetherspoons’.” Bassist Chris also takes photos of the carpets in each one, and sends it to the pub chain via Instagram DM.

Ali is a budding tattoo artist…

…But mainly on himself. The drummer inks himself “whenever something pivotal happens” with the band. His pride and joy? A tribute to Lil Chris, which he etched onto his own leg.

Their ‘band song’ is ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’

The Glen Campbell classic gets an airing in the van and before stage-time. There’s even a pink cowboy hat that does the rounds during the listening sessions.

Bassist Chris was a child actor

“He doesn’t like to speak about it,” Ali explains. “I feel like he’s one of those Disney children that’s gone off-the-rails. Which is why he’s here.”