Listen to ‘Despacito’ star Luis Fonsi duet with Emma Bunton

The dance hit superstar sang with Bunton on 'Amazing' from her Latino-tinged 2004 solo album 'Free Me'

Luis Fonsi might be world famous as the Puerto Rican saucepot promising to “surpass your danger zones”, “make you scream” and “do it on the beach in Puerto Rico ‘til the waves scream ‘dear lord’” on his smash hit ‘Despatico’ with Justin Bieber. But back in 2004, just six years into his career as a Latino pop heartthrob, Fonsi recorded a rather less famous track with one Emma Bunton of The Spice Girls – back when she went all jazz-pop and Latin-flecked on her second solo album ‘Free Me’.

The track finds Fonsi in a rather more romantic mode than the ear-drooling lechery that makes up the English translation of ‘Despatico’. No, we don’t want to ‘test your mouth’ thank you very much and if you want to ‘sign the walls of our labyrinth’, Minotaur boy, you’d better have a Bacardi Breezer discount loyalty card, a medical degree and a certificate of excellence in calligraphy tattooing or you’re not getting anywhere near our fucking labyrinth.

No, rather than coming on like a rapey Ovid, in ‘Amazing’ he’s the perfect gent, whispering sweet nothings into our Emma’s ear as they bossa nova around a ballroom somewhere. “My eyes are in paradise,” he tells her, “are we in a dream?” Watch yourself, Emma, given half a chance he’ll be surpassing your danger zones and scribbling all over your maze like a rat up a drainpipe.

Watch the video below.