Here’s An Ingenious Way To Stop Your Wireless AirPod Earphones Falling Out

Apple's as-yet-unreleased wireless earphones, the Airpods, are delayed while the tech giant finesses the product, but when they were first unveiled, commentators fretted that the expensive earphones would simply fall out of music lovers' ears without making an impression, much like the new Kaiser Chiefs album. This fear has been proven to be justified.

One early adopter who tried out beta versions of the product watched his left Airpod disappear down the toilet. Another watched his plummet into a urinal, doomed to spend eternity kicking it in a puddle of piss with a urinal cake and some old chewing gum. Yes: if you want to wee and rock out, urine trouble. It’s a bit of a rum do, all told, but there is hope yet for the humble Airpod. The 3D printing company M3D has stepped into the void, flexed its synthesised muscles and found a way to fix this mess.



That’s right, the essential  accessory for the Airpod, an incredibly expensive and sleek piece of technology, is a pair of earrings that are also baskets.  The name of this stunning invention: the M3D Twisty Earbud Catcher. If your Airpod drops out, it drops into the hoop like a basketball. For this, you will need:


  • A 3D printer so that you can print out the MC Twisty Earbud Catcher, as this is the only way the product is available.


  • A complete lack of self-awareness.


It might seem like an unwieldy solution, but you could be the envy of your friends with this invention, which can also be used to store tiny marbles – this must-have toy of this Christmas season – or whatever small shred of dignity you have left after wearing them. Sometimes tech solves a problem, and sometime it leaves you wearing tiny basket earrings, like a disgraced NBA player clinging to the good times.