Macaulay Culkin Forms Pizza-Themed Velvet Underground Tribute Band – Listen

In the five weeks since Lou Reed died aged 71, there’s been plenty of tributes to the garage-rock pioneer. None, however, as strange as ‘Home Alone’ star Macaulay Culkin’s, whose grief has apparently taken the shape of a pizza-themed Velvet Underground covers band called The Pizza Underground. Check out the group’s demo, which surfaced over the weekend, below.

Featuring the former child actor on vocals, percussion and kazoo, the demo was recorded at Culkin’s home and sees Underground classics twisted into lo-fi folk anthems about Culkin’s favourite carbolicious junk food, presumably for all those out there who think sure, Lou Reed’s songwriting was alright but a bit lacking in the pizza-references-and-wailing-kazoo-solos department. ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ (‘Take A Bite of the Wild Slice’), ‘I’m Waiting For The Man’ (‘I’m Waiting For The Delivery Man’) and ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ (‘All Pizza Parties’) all appear, as does melancholy 1967 ballad ‘These Days’ – technically a Nico cover of a Jackson Browne song but hey, we’ll let it slide – under the guise of ‘Cheese Days’.

Yes, it might sound like something dreamt up by a dazed Joe Pesci after being conked in the head by a brick in one of Kevin McCallister’s elaborate ‘Home Alone’ traps, but press photos confirm this story is all too real. Culkin is of course no stranger to the world of music – he had a notorious friendship with Michael Jackson at the height of his ‘Home Alone’ fame, toured the UK with Adam Green in April performing Beach Boys songs and was earlier this year reported to be living in Paris with Pete Doherty – but few people would have seen this story coming. Macaulay, we eagerly await a follow-up album. If you’re looking for lyrics, might we suggest: “it’s such a pizza day, I’m glad I spent it with food”?