Maccabees Discuss ‘No Kind Words’ – Video Interview

Despite smelling like a decade-old sick bag, South London’s New Slang managed to attract enough people to fill its booze-sodden carpet several times over for Thursday’s gig by The Maccabees.

With their second album in the can and a gig at O2 Indigo under their belts, The Maccabees, it would appear, are on something of a roll. That is until an over-zealous punter empties a pint of lager over the sound desk three songs into the set, forcing the band – bobble hat-sporting vocalist Orlando Weeks, bassist Rupert Jarvis, drummer Robert Dylan Thomas and guitarists Felix and Hugo White – off stage amid a din of feedback and catcalls.

Returning with a fanatically well received ‘X Ray’ they managed to fight through a PA struggling to serve anyone not standing three feet in front of the stage to leave the crowd delirious, new material rubbing shoulders comfortably with older crowd-pleasers ‘Precious Time’, ‘First Love’ and ‘Lego’.

NME caught up with guitarist Felix White backstage to talk about their new free download ‘No Kind Words’ and accompanying video starring Gavin and Stacey’s Matthew Horne (a cross between ‘Pong’, ‘Space Invaders’ and ‘Ali
as Smith and Jones’) and their new Marcus Dravs-produced album.

With more a expansive sound and lyrics that tell of watching a self-destructive friend veer off the rails, ‘No Hard Words’ seems a world away from the wave machines, toothpaste kisses and tissue shoulders we’ve come to associate with the South London four piece. Here’s guitarist Felix White discussing the song and the video:

Download No Kind Words as a free download.

‘No Kind Words’ video: