The Most Outrageous Moments Of MTV EMAs Past

The MTV EMAs return this weekend (November 6), this time bringing some of the world's biggest stars to Rotterdam.

If this year’s MTV EMA Awards is anything like years gone by, there’ll be plenty of shocks and surprises to pore over come Monday morning. Until then, let’s remember some of the most outrageous moments in the awards’ history.

Miley Cyrus blazing up, Amsterdam, 2013

We’re all used to Miley Cyrus not really playing by the rules by now. As one of the world’s most rebellious pop stars, it should have been expected that she’d do something to upset the suits at the height of her headline-grabbing infamy. In Amsterdam, she did something kind of obvious given the location, but mildly rebellious nonetheless. While up on stage, she whipped out a spliff and started smoking it right there and then.

Sacha Baron-Cohen selling Madonna an African child, Copenhagen, 2006

Sacha Baron-Cohen has been no stranger at the EMAs over the years, appearing as his various characters. In 2006 he turned up as Borat and immediately set about offending everyone in the room. Madonna was one such individual, with the comedian saying of her adoption of an African child: “My only concern is that this singing transvestite will not be such a good father.” Ouch.

P Diddy being gross, Barcelona, 2002

In 2002, man of many names P Diddy got more than a little creepy and offered a diamond ring to the first woman in the audience to strip completely naked. Gross. If you need to bribe people into wanting to get their kit off for you then you should probably rethink your life, as we hope Diddy has done in the intervening 14 years.

Kanye West’s first tantrum, Copenhagen, 2006

Ah, 2006. Those heady days before Kanye had ever stormed the stage at an awards ceremony. That all changed at the EMAs in Copenhagen, though, when he got a bit angry at not winning the Best Video award. While French duo Justice were trying to collect the gong, Yeezy interrupted them, blathering on about how he should have won for his ‘Touch The Sky’ video because it cost $1 million and had Pamela Anderson in it. Lest we forget, this was before the infamous “Imma let you finish” moment, too.

Eva Longoria as a ham, Madrid, 2010

Eva Longoria dressed as a Ham - MTV EMA Awards

At the EMAs the hosts and nominees alike seem to go through 600 costume changes over the course of the night. That was no different when Eva Longoria hosted the event in 2010. The most WTF moment came, though, when she re-emerged from her dressing room dressed as a ham. Was it a comment on Gaga’s meat dress from earlier that year or is the actor just really into ham?

J Lo on a plane, Stockholm, 2000

There are grand entrances and there are grand entrances. J Lo did one of the latter when she arrived at the bash in Stockholm in an actual plane. Yep. A plane that landed right on stage. Mad, but we like it.

Rick Astley beating The Beatles, Liverpool, 2008

In perhaps the ultimate Rickroll of all time, Rick Astley was somehow named Best Act Ever at the EMAs in 2008. Let’s just think about that for a moment: Rick Astley. Best Act Ever. Ahead of The Beatles, Britney Spears, U2 and literally every other great artist to ever have existed. Apparently 100 million votes were cast for the ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ star, ensuring his victory, and yet he didn’t even turn up to collect the award. Talk about ungrateful.