Magic Wands – Black Magic (Crystal Fighters Remix) – Free MP3

Amid a pretty diverse hailstorm of new music this month, Crystal Fighters have stood out as one of the most interesting prospects by a mile. Yes they do electro, yes they went there and used the word ‘crystal’ in their name and yes they’re from East London, but their roots go back to Spain’s Basque country and their galloping disco punk is powered as much by traditional instruments like Spanish guitars as it is thumping techno beats.

It’s a futurist fusion best exemplified by Kitsune single ‘Xtatic Truth’ on their MySpace that reminds me of the first time CSS (or some of the early baile funk artists) came tumbling out of the NME stereo – something genuinely new sounding. Of course NME radio are all over it. Good mixtape on the MySpace too.

Magic Wands, meanwhile, are an LA twosome that proffer chest-swelling stargazing electro-pop propelled by xylophones and the drum machine from ‘Purple Rain’. They’re set to release a new EP with John ‘Santogold’ Hill next month and dropped the original version of this download a few weeks ago.

Magic Wands

Download Crystal Fighters‘ remix of Black Magic here
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