Magnetic Man, ‘Magnetic Man’ – What Do You Think?

Listen to dubstep? In all honesty, I’d rather feed my nutsack slowly into an electric pencil sharpener.

Doubtless it all makes perfect sense if you’re the kind of bleeding-edge geezer who spends his Friday nights sweating buckets in a Dalston warehouse, heaving ket into his gob with a soup ladle. But, well, my life’s not like that. Consequently, Magnetic Man make me feel about a billion years old.

Nevertheless the former NME cover stars are the Sound Of Now, and have been credited with taking dubstep “mainstream” (ie Radio 1 have playlisted them). And our own Sam Wolfson thinks their debut album is very good indeed.

The other week he gave it an 8/10 review, calling it a “forward-thinking, original British album that has captivated a new generation of music fan.”

You can judge the truth of that statement by listening to the album below. And once you’ve done that, you might like to share your thoughts with the class by posting a comment.