Maisie Williams Fails To Convince ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans That She’s Not Maisie Williams In Brilliant Prank

Although Maisie Williams’ character in Game of Thrones, Arya Stark, has spent the last few series on the run and is currently training to become an anonymous assassin (with fairly good results), she’s going to have try a little bit harder to conceal her identity from these ardent Thrones fans.

In an elaborate prank set up by HBO, Williams nabbed herself a part-time shift at a hobby shop in America, which also just happens to be giving away a whole load of Game Of Thrones memorabilia to those who stopped by. You could have picked up the last dragon you need to finish your set. We bet you wish you were there…

WRONG. Instead of this being an idle giveaway to hungry customers looking to nab a freebie, Williams (‘Lorraine’) made it a little bit harder for them by trying to pretend that she is not actually Maisie Williams, nor in the fantasy epic. Obviously, people aren’t stupid and only a glance down to the figurine they are holding will qualm any suspicions. But she plays dumb and adopts a quite dreadful American accent to try and deter them, and for the most part ‘Lorraine’ keeps a straight face under pressure from inquisitive customers – except here when she reels a customer in brilliantly, before their senses finally come to them.

She then convinces the fans to recreate some of the show’s most iconic moments, including Cersei’s shame walk from the last series, the moment Bran is shoved out of the window by Jamie Lannister and the shocking scene in which Joffrey is poisoned.

Full marks though to the woman (seen below) who got a bit liberal with the script when ‘pushing’ Bran out the window: “push the little fucker kid out the window” she says. Future script writer? Fuck yes.