Major Lazer’s ‘Cold Water’ Feat. Justin Bieber & MØ – How It Shapes Up To Mega-Hit ‘Lean On’

Do you recall, not long ago – maybe, like, at the start of summer 2015 – the first time you heard ‘Lean On’, Major Lazer’s madly ubiquitous team-up with and DJ Snake? The one that became the most-streamed song on Spotify ever last November? Yeah, well if you do, you’re probably going to compare that experience to the first time you listened to ‘Cold Water’, Major Lazer’s new team-up with Justin Bieber and MØ. Here’s five reasons you should be just as excited about this new track.

1. It’s got Bieber

The reformed Biebs spent 2015 getting credible, kicking things off with Skrillex and Major Lazer’s Diplo, who made ‘Where Are Ü Now?’ with him. In the lyrics of that song he needed rescuing, whereas in this one he’s doing the rescuing. It sounds like a victory lap.

2. It’s got MØ

MØ nailed everything about ‘Lean On’ and even though she doesn’t get a huge amount of time to do her thing in this one (she arrives just over two thirds of the way through) her vocals are full of personality and colour.

3. It’s got a banging synth track


It’s a bit like the one on ‘Lean On’, but instead of woozy, tropical whines we have heavy stabs of synth. It’s great.

4. It’s very remixable

You can already imagine how many guises this song is going to take on. And, given that the song is a bit of a grower, that can only be a good thing.

5. The alchemy of MØ and Bieber is utter genius

Really, the main positive in ‘Cold Water’ can be found in the frankly genius pairing of MØ and Bieber – the former being a fun, crowd-surfing Danish singer with a punk/activist background and a tangy, gritty voice, the other a slightly brooding and globally famous popstar with a smoother set of pipes. Why did no one think of this before?