“Make everything waterproof!” Sea Girls and BLOXX promise wet’n’wild antics at the NME & 19 Crimes wine Lock-In

The pair of hotly-tipped new bands play Minus 2 on May 3 - a venue literally in the NME office

If Henry Camamile has one regret, it’s that nobody has ever crowd-walked to his music. “We had almost everything on our last tour,” he says. “We had crowd-surfing, people on shoulders. But we haven’t yet had crowd-walking. Do you know that? It’s very rare. Cage The Elephant in Newcastle is the only time I’ve ever seen that.”


It can’t be long before the euphoric indie rock of Sea Girls – a kind of Maccakooks, if you will – has their fans wobbling their way stageward on each others’ bouncing bonces. Since emerging last summer with their irresistible ‘Call Me Out’ single (recorded above a burger restaurant in Hoxton, cult foodie fans), they’ve sparked chaotic scenes across the country.



“In Manchester we thought the place was going to collapse,” Henry chuckles. “The stage was bouncing up and down about a foot. I had the microphone in my mouth to physically hold it up. That was ridiculous. We had to do another encore because the crowd were so loud we thought the place was gonna get trashed.”


Um, you’re not planning to wreck the NME office, are you? “That’s the crowd’s prerogative. I’m sure you’ll make everything waterproof.”


Because, on May 3, Sea Girls hit Minus 2, a venue in the actual NME office, to play the third NME Lock-In in association with 19 Crimes wines. Listed amongst NME’s Hot 100 list of essential bands for 2018 thanks to immaculate releases such as ‘Eat Me Whole’ and the ‘Heavenly War’ EP, they promise to bring the unholy noise. “We play every show like it’s our first show,” says Henry. “We just want to make an impression. It’s definitely our year.”



The backstage camaraderie will be as lively as the crowd too, since support comes from Sea Girls’ buddies BLOXX, the greatest grunge-angst pop band ever to emerge from Uxbridge.” We’ve got quite a big friendship going on,” says singer Fee Booth, “So there may be a few beers. It’s gonna be an experience. We played a Sofar Sounds acoustic set in some offices in London but I don’t think we’ve ever played in an industry workplace.”



Minus 2 is no ordinary office though – with a lighting rig, DJ set-up, sound system and bar installed, the NME office becomes a state-of-the-art gig venue at the flick of a switch (well, the heave of many roadies). It’s not quite the scale that BLOXX have become used to, however, having recently supported The Wombats on tour. “Ally Pally was the biggest show we’ve ever played,” says Fee. “To see eight or nine thousand people in front of us is just crazy. I cried when we came offstage. It’s nerve wracking but it all goes away when you’re up onstage. The thrill and excitement and adrenaline takes over.”


Thrill? Excitement? Adrenalin? Now those the NME Lock-In/19 Crimes wines event can deliver. 35 pairs of tickets are up for grabs via a ballot on nme.com – sign up here for your chance to gain access to what promises to be the hottest night of new music this spring.