This man failed spectacularly at this ‘Impossible’ Blur quiz question

How much better could you do?

BBC One quiz show Impossible asks contestants to weed out the answers that it’s not possible to be right. For example, if they gave you a board with the names of Henry VIII’s wives and Queen Elizabeth II and asked which of the women listed he married, old Liz would be an impossible answer.

On yesterday’s edition (June 26), one wannabe quiz champion came face-to-face with a board of filled with the names of some of Britpop’s leading lights – Shaun Ryder, Jarvis Cocker, Brett Anderson, Bobby Gillespie, Alex James, Dave Rowntree, Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn.

The first half of the question asked him “Which member of Blur…” and Harry Potter-obsessed and cheesy pop fan Leon set about eliminating those he names he didn’t recognise. He made a slight error in trying to get rid of Rowntree, assuming he had invented fruit pastilles rather than be a part of one of the ’90s biggest bands, but he made it through to the second half of the question all the same.

That’s where he came unstuck. The full question asked for the Blur member “who has won awards for cheese-making”. Leon narrowed it down to two options – one correct and one that was ludicrously wrong. So, of course, in the end he went for the wrong answer, lost his place in the final and jeopardised his chance to win £10,000. It’s enough to put you off cheese for life.

Think you could have done better? Watch the episode here and find out – the Blur question comes in around the 11 minute and 30 seconds mark.

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